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The Law Offices of Laurence P. Posner has represented several hundred clients who have suffered serious injuries as a result of slipping and falling because a landowner does not take reasonable care to make sure the premises are safe. The variety of injuries that occur from a slip and fall accident are numerous. Our firm has represented clients who have been injured because of wet floors, uneven cracks in the sidewalk, dangling pieces of string left unattended, large holes in unlandscaped yards, food left on the floor, and dangerous play areas. It is critical that you contact an experienced attorney who can quickly analyze your fact situation and provide you with the attention that you need.

What You Should Do if You Slipped and Fell

Slip and fall accidents are often the most difficult to prove. In a rear end car accident it is usually quite obvious that the person who fails to brake in time and strikes another vehicle is the responsible party. In a slip and fall accident, however, there are numerous facts which must be present to place fault on the responsible owner. For instance, if you are at a shopping market and slip on a banana, you must prove that the employees of the market knew, or should have known, that a banana was present and that it created a dangerous condition.

If you are ever involved in a slip and fall incident, it is critical to take photographs of the object upon which you slipped. It is also imperative to find any witnesses to the incident and to get their contact information. If you are injured, you must make sure that you or someone who can assist you reports the incident and the fact that you were injured. Failure to obtain the necessary evidence will make it that much harder to prove your case.

Why You Need to Call Us

The legal team at the Law Offices of Laurence P. Posner has years of experience in handling slip and fall accidents. We will immediately uncover the important facts, speak to witnesses, and obtain the evidence that we need to get you the money that you deserve due to someone else’s carelessness. Slip and fall accidents typically result in sprained ankles, knees, serious injuries to the head, and broken bones. When you are suffering from your injuries, make sure that you protect your interests by contacting our Alhambra law office.

We represent clients throughout the San Gabriel Valley, Greater Los Angeles, and Orange County. We do not charge fees until you win and we come to you: home and hospital visits are available. Our English and Chinese speaking staff is always available to get you the help you need: (866) 740-0888.